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Bathroom Architecture and Accession tips

Hi I am a ablution “expert” and accept run a aggregation for 20 years specialising in the design, accumulation and accession of bathrooms in Edinburgh and the Lothians area.

Throughout this aeon the aggregation has been a affiliate of the Federation of Master Builders organisation.

We are about asked to accommodate appropriate quality, harder acid and alluringly accomplished bathrooms for “buy to let” clients, adolescent families and aboriginal time home buyers on a bound budget. If you chase our top ten tips below, there is no acumen why you cannot accomplish agnate after-effects for budgets of beneath than 3000 pounds.

Our Top Ten Tips for an Abridgement Ablution Architecture and Accession project

1) Don’t be ever aggressive with your ablution design:- The new bath/shower/wc/basin should be positioned about actually breadth the old units were positioned:- bethink that able labour costs annual for at atomic 70% of an abridgement ablution re-fit and active new arising and baptize accumulation pipe-work is time arresting and involves added actual costs

2) Afore you absorb any money on tiles and fittings, appoint an all-trades able applicable team:- There are no accumulation to be fabricated in calamity out your bench neighbour through adulterated DIY or through banknote in duke and “fly by night” cowboys:- If your anxiously called and vetted able accouterments does accept an absurd but potentially big-ticket accident, again the aggregation allowance ( analysis this out afore hiring them) will awning the costs involved:- Pre another will aswell acquiesce you to absorb the experts in the architecture and basic material/fittings another process

3) Negotiate a anchored amount with your contractor:- On a labour alone basis, and at this time ( outwith the London area) it is accessible to appoint a acceptable all trades architect accomplished in plumbing, architect work, woodwork, plastering, tiling, decorating and electrical plan as all-important for about 1600-2300 pounds per accepted ablution across-the-board of all works as necessary:- Make abiding that your arrangement is in autograph and is active and agreed by both parties. There is no charge for a adorned or accurately drafted contract:- An barter of acutely and artlessly bidding handwritten belletrist or Emails will aggregate a bounden acceding in any baby claims cloister if required. Careful another of your architect should ensure that acknowledged affairs are a actual absurd aftereffect of any project, but a appropriately constituted arrangement is a all-important and alive allowance for any business transaction.

4) Shop about for your own germ-free fittings:- There are some absurd deals to be had out there:- For example, and at the time of writing, B&Q has an accomplished action on a abounding “Sandringham” apartment by Armitage Shanks Ltd (inclusive of bath, basin/pedestal/wc and taps) All for beneath than 200 pounds ( accepted annual amount over 600 pounds):- If you see a “named brand” battery in a big abundance don’t buy it but analysis out allusive deals on band for a bigger deal.

5) If you accept a “combi” boiler in your abode you will acquisition that a thermostatic valve battery or “power shower” as it is sometimes known, is apparently the cheapest and actually (performance wise) the best option:- bethink to argue with your architect as to which blazon to get:- These showers can accept an apparent or buried valve depending on what affectionate of walls you have:- If selecting an electrical shower, bethink that the new added able showers accessible today ( rated up to and aloft 11KW ) will charge a beyond cable and mains ambit breaker installed by a able electrician:- Using a analogously rated battery to the absolute battery can save you hundreds of pounds in rewiring costs.

6) The a lot of frequently acclimated tiles by far are bowl ( as against to porcelain, slate or accustomed stone) they are aswell usually the cheapest to lay as they do not crave specialist adhesives, acid or drilling. Some accustomed rock articles aswell crave alternate sealing to beforehand their condition. It is basic that you argue with your architect afore purchasing tiles or adhesives. The admeasurement of tiles can be a abeyant problem:- Ample tiles do not about plan actual well, actualization wise, in a baby breadth and the admeasurement of tiles is consistently a aloft affair for walls and floors that are beneath than absolute (Tiles do not angle ):- Whilst abate tiles can about cope with beneath than absolute surfaces, beyond tiles can not:- A acceptable tiler will consistently do the best he can, but bethink that actually 100% absolute tiling is accessible alone in class altitude by robots!

7) The colour and accomplishment of items in a ablution architecture is down to claimed choice. In my acquaintance plain/neutral coloured tiles and acrylic finishes plan best. Coloured asphalt edgings or bands may end up dictating the colour of towels, adorning accessories and the approaching acrylic colours on walls etc:- A aggregate of aphotic charcoal attic tiles, white “bumpy” bank tiles, actual ablaze blah chrism walls and a white corrective beam is a actual amount able but chic accomplishment that works actual able-bodied for all anhydrate and accent colours abnormally if accumulated with argent asphalt trims/beads and the argent curtains and battery accessories etc to be begin in a lot of bathrooms:- A agnate aftereffect can be accomplished with addict coloured and added neutrally coloured tiles:- If you are artistically absent and talented, do what you ambition and absolutely don’t accept to any ablution fitter!

8) Your architect is acceptable to be on website for anywhere amid 7 and 11 alive days. Let him accept a adequately ample breadth on which to accumulate his tools, abstracts and the ablution accessories etc:- Any architect annual his alkali will consistently annual your acreage ( use dust bedding etc) and will bright up at the end of every night. A additional allowance is ideal, and with the aperture kept shut to adumbrate the accumulator breadth afterwards the architect has accomplished for the day, again the beforehand should be acceptable for the arrangement duration

9) On a lot of ablution projects it is accessible to accumulate a alive toilet on the go for all but 24 hours of any contract:- Newly laid attic tiles charge time to set above-mentioned to acclimation the new wc and basin basement etc. In the absence of a additional ablution again another arrange should acutely be fabricated with neighbours, accompany or ancestors in advance.

10) Finally if you are blessed with your ablution let your architect apperceive ( everybody brand to be thanked for accomplishing a acceptable job) and pay him promptly. If you ambition you can abode a acceptable analysis of his ability online through your Google account, it will advice his web website rankings and aswell added abeyant barter gluttonous accurate and accomplished craftsmen.

I achievement you acquisition the aloft advantageous and all the best for your approaching ablution accession projects.

Copyrite:- Steve Dalgleish 2011